Publisher: Words and Pictures Press

Fern adores everything about Nanna, from her delicious butterfly cakes to her lovely smile. She is concerned when she notices that Nanna looks sad and tired. Mum says it is like all the joy has gone out of her life, so Fern decides to find some more to make her grandmother happy again.

Gathering together all manner of essential equipment (paper bag, saucepan, fishing net, pointy stick), Fern confidently sets off to the park to find some joy. She feels it all around her, in the chuckle of a baby having her toes tickled and the shimmer of sparkles on the duck pond, but the tricky part is trying to catch it.

This wonderful picture book will help develop emotional awareness and empathy in young children and would be particularly useful when exploring sadness or depression. Stunning artwork in pencil, ink and watercolour beautifully enhances the thoughtful text. Colour is skilfully used to reflect different emotions, from the muted grey and purple hues of Nanna’s sadness to the vibrant rainbow palette of Fern’s exuberance.

This uplifting tale, which explores the nature of happiness and celebrates the touching relationship between grandparent and child, is an absolute delight.

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