The Book of Stolen Dreams

Publisher: Usborne

Rachel is escaping her home in the city of Brava and heading to Port St. Clement to find her brother. Her mother is dead and her father in prison. She is cold, hungry and hasn’t slept for days.

But when she meets Josef Centurion, who seems to want to help, she’s careful not to tell him her real name, why she’s looking for her brother and, most especially, what is hidden in her sock. That’s something she can never tell a stranger – it’s a matter of life and death.

Rachel isn’t sure why the secret she’s keeping is so important but she knows it holds the key to freeing Brava from its cruel, tyrannical dictator and the only way she’ll ever get to see her father again.

This tense and exciting fantasy thriller is complex and magical with some great characters – both heroic and evil.

The depiction of a regime that outlaws books and keeps children locked up at home while using a draconian police force to bug telephones, read private letters and spy on its citizens, gives readers a taste of how it might feel to live under an oppressive government.

Note: contains some violent scenes and references to torture.

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