The Ghosts of Heaven

Publisher: Indigo

One book - four stories, set in different times and different places. Each quarter has similar themes running throughout - spirals, philosophy, the written word and mental health to name a few. One story is set in a pre-historic age, another during the witch trials, a third around the turn of the 20th century, and a final story set in the future. Each story is set around a pivotal moment in the characters' lives, which makes it a particularly engaging read for teens and young adults.

The book is also laced with various narrative forms, from free verse to a diary entry, and the stories can be read in any way, not necessarily in the chronological order the book is printed in.

The Ghosts of Heaven is an excellent book that will open up new avenues of thought and future reading and introduces teenage readers to a more inventive understanding of storytelling. The Ghosts of Heaven is a book teens are likely to remember as a pivotal reading experience.

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