The Chosen Ones

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Book Two in the Worldquake sequence

Publisher: Canongate

Set in a dystopian world where technology is flawed and magic abounds, this is the second instalment in the Worldquake Sequence.

Eleven-year-old Effie and her friends Maximilian, Raven, Lexy and Wolf each possess different magical powers. The children are suspicious when ruthless billionaire Albion Freake offers cash to anyone who hands over their copy of the bestselling children’s fantasy novel The Chosen Ones, written by Raven’s mother, Laurel Wilde.

As they attempt to discover Freake’s plan, Effie disappears into the Otherworld and her friends fear for her life. Meanwhile, Maximilian feels compelled to visit the Underworld, which is populated by monsters, demons and members of the sinister organisation known as the Diberi. The friends must use their wit, bravery and magical skills to overcome the villainous forces that threaten their existence.

Exciting, fast-paced and sometimes dark, this compelling fantasy adventure is peppered with portals into other dimensions, evil plots and magic. The brave, resourceful protagonists battle with larger-than life villains to protect the universe from destruction by the Diberi, and it will all leave readers desperately awaiting the third book in the series.

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