The Deadly Seven

Who needs friends when you've got monsters?

Publisher: Macmillan

Nelson doesn't have many friends but he loves his sister very much so when she goes missing on a school field trip he wants to help find her rather than go and stay with his eccentric Uncle Pogo while his parents go and look for her.  Fortunately Nelson's 'monsters' come to his aid - they are able to help him find out where Celeste is. They also help him to learn about the more unusual members of his family including his strange Uncle Brian and Aunt Carla.

Garth Jennings takes us from St Paul's Cathedral to the jungle in Brazil. The monsters who help him all have interesting and unusual talents all of which are useful in helping to find and save his sister Celeste. The story has many twists and turns. Through Uncle Pogo we are introduced to interesting inventions and unusual inventions and the monsters help Nelson to become better at making friends. 

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