The Dragon Ark

Join the Quest to Save the Rarest Dragon on Earth

Publisher: Magic Cat Publishing

Curatoria Draconis - or The Dragon Protector, to give her full title - belongs to a secret organisation sworn to protect dragons.

In fact, in recent years, dragon habitats have come under great threat from humans as we expand our cities, towns and factories into the remoter places dragons might live, or drill and explore the rocks where they may have hidden. The Dragon Ark offers refuge and help for all dragons, studying dragonkind and giving dragons refuge when they need it.

In this stunning book, the Dragon Protector travels the world to show the reader the different species of dragon that exist across different continents - from the sea serpents in the Mariana Trench to the Antarctic Ice Dragon and the seven-headed hydra of the Llullaillaco volcano on the Argentina-Chile border and many more... even a dragon that lives behind the carved heads on Mount Rushmore!

However, there is one dragon that the Dragon Protector has never seen with her own eyes: the Celestial Dragon in China. Will readers be able to find it?

An absolute delight of a book, The Dragon Ark is a visually stunning fascinating adventure, and Tomic's illustrations are truly out of this world. A must for all fans of myth and legend - and dragons, of course.

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