The Bear Whispers to Me

(1 reviews with an average rating of 4 out of 5)

Publisher: Balestier Press

Translated from its original Chinese by Darryl Sterk, this charming story of a boy discovering his father's childhood is a thoughtful, unique read. The boy finds his father's scrapbook and album and relieves himself of his own boredom and loneliness by losing himself in the stories they contain. In reading he is able to retrace his younger father's steps and in learning of his father's colourful childhood in the forest, his friendship with a bear cub and a girl named Lotus the boy is reacquainted with his father in a way that hadn't seemed possible before.

A short, quiet novel that blurs the lines of fantasy and reality in a dream like fable, The Bear Whispers to Me feels traditional and timeless. Young readers looking for a new challenge will enjoy the otherworldly quality to the writing, and the quiet contemplative tone of the descriptions of the natural world.

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