Two Good Thieves

Publisher: Macmillan Children's books

Street children, Baz and Demi, are thieves - good ones - working skilfully together then escaping fast, triumphantly delivering their finds to Faye, their Barrio 'mother' who feeds and shelters them.

But when they steal a valuable ring, they uncover a network of corruption running from the Police Chief down to Barrio boss, sinister Senor Moro, also including people they thought they trusted. Constantly afraid, pursued by almost everyone she knows in increasingly hostile streets, Baz faces some complex moral choices.

This nail-biting thriller is also a challenging story about the lives of the world's poorest children, with vivid descriptions and deftly drawn characters. As Demi points out, “We take her purse, she still rich; we take her money, we stay poor.”

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