Time After Time

Publisher: O’Brien

Change can be hard to handle. When it involves your mum getting together with your best friend's dad, is that a dream come true or your worst nightmare? Molly and Beth aren't really sure but soon have other things on their minds when a random visit to an odd-looking shop opens a door to…Thursday 26 July 1984!

Surrounded by permed hair and shoulder pads, and with no social media or meaningful technology, the girls are incredulous and a bit lost until Beth realises that back in 1984, her mum would still be alive. And so begins a very unusual quest.

Beth and Molly are engaging and relatable as their experience of family break-up, bereavement and step-parents will be familiar to many youngsters. Seemingly effortless storytelling, clever use of recent history and incidental humour make this a great read for Jacqueline Wilson fans looking for new authors.

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