The Executioner's Daughter

(2 reviews with an average rating of 4 out of 5)

Publisher: Farshore

The crowds at the Tower of London love nothing better than the grisly spectacle of an execution. But as the executioner's daughter, whose job it is to catch the heads in her basket after her father has chopped them off, Moss has seen more than her fair share of horror. Every day she longs to escape, dreaming of the freedom that lies beyond the Tower's walls, though she knows that she and her father are prisoners. But when Moss discovers a secret way out of the Tower and down onto the banks of the Thames below, she soon discovers that even greater danger and fear are to be found in the murky waters of the river below her. 

Putting a different spin on the Tudor period, this pacy historical tale paints an intriguing and authentic picture of the times that will fascinate young fans of history. With some spooky and gruesome moments, it is best suited to readers of 11 and above, but older children will find much to enjoy in Hardstaff's gripping adventure. 

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