The Whisper

Publisher: Random House


This is the second outing for Bali Rai's Crew (Billy, Ellie, Della, Jas and Will). Once again, things are going awry: dealers are being picked up all over town and rumours are rife about who is grassing them up. Billy is mugged, Ellie is picked on at school and Della and Jas are arguing as Jas, reunited with his formerly-estranged cousins, becomes mixed-up with the drug scene and struggles to forge his own identity. Then, when Billy's house is targeted, things begin to get really serious... Credible, hardhitting and couched in the street language for which he is well-known, this will be welcomed by fans of Rai's fiction.

This title was shortlisted for the 2005 Booktrust Teenage Prize.

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