Toto's Apple

Publisher: Phaidon

Toto is a determined little worm. By hook or by crook, he is going to reach the juicy red apple hanging from a low branch. First he hitches a lift with a blackbird, but it flies to the wrong tree. Next he hides in a squirrel’s tail, but the squirrel climbs to the very top branch. Toto paints two leaf-wings so he can fly down like a butterfly. But now he is back on the ground!  Toto is horrified to see a little girl take the apple and bite into it. The moment Didi drops it, Toto wriggles over and disappears into the apple. So what happens when Didi takes another bite?

A funny, fast-paced story featuring an appealing and ingenious little worm. Bold, brightly-coloured illustrations complement the simple, dramatic text providing plenty to discuss and laugh about.

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