Two Can Play

Publisher: Andersen Press

Cat plans to create a magnificent vegetable garden, which will take lots of time and effort. She asks her sister to help but Puss declares that she’d much rather play, so Cat sets to work on her own. She designs the garden, prepares the earth, sows the seeds and scares away the birds so they don’t eat the seedlings. At every stage, Cat invites Puss to get involved, but each time, she refuses. In fact, the only time Puss shows an interest is when she smells the delicious feast Cat has made, using her home-grown ingredients.

This is a charming, funny portrayal of a feline sibling relationship. The distinctive, colourful artwork is full of humour and observant children will spot Puss in each picture, checking out Cat’s progress and secretly wishing she was involved. The subtle message which runs throughout the tale is that doing things together – whether eating a meal or washing the dishes – is much more fun than doing them alone.

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