The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse

Publisher: Ebury Publishing

First there is a boy – who looks rather lonely. Then along comes a mole, and a much-needed friendship starts to form. Together they meet a fox caught in snare (a bit of a dilemma if you’re a mole - but they agree to release him). Finally a horse completes the quartet. The book follows the four new friends as they explore the world around them. As they do so, they casually reflect on everything they see and do, and what life actually means.

This worldwide bestseller is essentially a series of delightfully untamed sketches, each accompanied by a hand-written snippet of conversation. This sounds unassuming – and it is. However the images are delicate, whimsical and deeply affecting. And the comments are true nuggets of wisdom - honest, authentic, tender, and potentially life-changing in their powerful simplicity. This is a book to remind us what fragile creatures we are and that the world can be tough place, as well as a beautiful one. However it’s also a reminder that the solution is perhaps equally simple – it’s to focus on kindness, compassion and love.

A magical book to dip into or read from cover to cover, each page offering a different gem, all beautifully presented in a finished product that would appeal to anyone of eight to 80, and beyond.

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