The Castle of Inside Out

Publisher: Alma Books Ltd

'The Castle of Inside Out' comes into Lorina’s head the moment Mr Blair sets a school project, asking the class to write about ‘a special place’. She’s never been there before but has heard it’s just the other side of the forest.

Lorina makes her way there, and, as soon as she arrives, realises that life for the ‘green people’ forced to live outside the castle is horribly unfair. She quickly decides she has to do something about it - and sets out on an adventure to help them.

This is a timeless fantastical story about overcoming greed, power and corruption. Lorina is a brave heroine, who fights for what is right against all odds. With an accessible storyline and lots of fun characters, illustrated by the wonderful Chris Riddell, this is perfect for readers aged 7-9.

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