The Dead

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Publisher: Puffin

When Jack and Ed and a bunch of their friends escape from their boarding school, they run into Greg. He’s the only normal adult they’ve seen in ages, and he’s got a coach that will take them into London.

But just as things start to look up for the kids and their new friends on the coach, something terrible happens that will put them in more danger than ever.

You definitely don’t need to have read The Enemy to enjoy The Dead, but if you liked the gore and terror of the first book you won’t be disappointed with the second.

Either way, The Dead is a terrific book that keeps you gripped from start to finish, and forces you to confront your own demons: What would you do if you were a kid in this world? Would you be brave or would you run away? Would you turn to God? Would you be a leader or a follower? And how far would you go to survive?

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