The Darkest Dark

Publisher: Macmillan

Chris is an important astronaut; too important to have a bath or go to bed. He's got aliens to zap and planets to visit. He's too busy to sleep - or let his parents sleep. Because at night, Chris's room is full of the worst kind of dark - the kind that attracts aliens. 

But one night, Chris watches the Apollo 11 moon landing. When he sees the astronauts jumping for joy, Chris decides to be an astronaut in real life, not just in his dreams. And he notices that although space is very, very dark, it's full of magic and mystery.

Commander Chris Hadfield has orbited the earth thousands of times on three space missions. His first children's book, atmospherically illustrated by Terry and Eric Fan, draws on his own childhood fear of the dark and his gradual realisation that dark is exciting and that dreams can come true.

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