The Foreshadowing

Publisher: Hachette

The daughter of a prosperous doctor, 17-year-old Sasha lives an outwardly sheltered life. But she is haunted by premonitions, and her attempts to talk about them are met with anger and disbelief. When her brothers go off to fight in the Great War, Sasha foresees the horrors of the Somme.

Despite her father’s lack of faith in her abilities, she travels to France as a volunteer nurse in an attempt to rescue her beloved brother Tom from a terrible death. But can she really change the future?

This is a gripping and intelligent historical novel, which addresses the thought-provoking issue of fate versus free will.
Marcus Sedgwick is one of the most versatile and engaging authors writing for teenagers today and The Foreshadowing is possibly his best book to date. Meticulous historical research brings the full horror of war to life in this hauntingly atmospheric and totally engrossing novel.

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