Trouble Next Door

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Bella isn't keen on her new home - it isn't new at all. It's old and dusty and surrounded by countryside that smells of cows. She can't imagine being happy there, until a new friend pops up next door.

Magda is lots of fun and full of brilliant ideas, but they do have a nasty habit of ending in a terrible mess and Bella getting the blame. Magda doesn't seem to mind that she's ruining Bella's things and getting her into trouble at the same time. Luckily, mum can spot a trouble magnet when she meets one.

A new illustrated series for young readers gets off to a fun start with this story of new houses, new friendships and new problems. Children will cringe at Bella's story as she's blamed for all of Magda's mess, while some will delight in Magda's naughty antics.

Emily Mackenzie adds her trademark painterly style and the text is well spaced out and clear, making this a lovely step on from picture books for emerging readers.

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