The Wrong Pong

(1 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5)

Publisher: Puffin Books

Neville is a quiet, polite 'fraidy lion', ignored by his parents who are always too busy to notice him. Pong Belch is a loud, smelly, messy troll who loves causing chaos.

When Neville is mistaken for Pong and taken down into the Belch's home he is terrified of being eaten and desperate to get back to his comfortable home away from all the smells and belching.

But over time Neville soon adjusts to his new life as a troll with his adopted parents Clod and Malaria Belch and their teenage daughter Rubella. He begins to like the rat patties and left sock stew and discovers a brave side he didn't realise he had.

Full of mischievous fun, wonderful language and fantastic characters, this hilarious story about the anarchic troll world will have you snorting with laughter. Great for reading aloud.

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