The Castle Corona

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Two orphaned peasant children, Pia and Enzio, find a pouch, stolen from the King and dropped in their path.

Sharon Creech is a first-class storyteller. Here, from classic archetypes, she creates a fairytale about rich and poor.

The royals live in Castle Corona and are out of touch – their lives dominated by fear and lacking purpose or depth. Only their hermit-therapists and their storyteller offer potential for change.

Pia and Enzio find themselves miraculously plucked from poverty to the palace – and so unfolds a change in understanding between the haves and have-nots.

This is a story about how stories offer salvation; how nonsense may contain sense, fiction contain fact, and how we can find, in characters and plots, some truths about ourselves.

Clever, witty and interesting.

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