Touch and Explore: Bugs and Other Little Creatures

Publisher: Twirl

This is a really unusual book, combining touch and feel with non-fiction facts about bugs and insects. There are lots of different textures to explore, from a bee’s furry tummy to sparkly butterfly wings and even an icky sticky worm, as well as flaps to lift with more information to discover underneath.

The information is simple but engaging, and may even inspire readers to head outside and see which creatures they can find for themselves, while the illustrations are large and clear and quite grown-up (more grown-up than the cover might perhaps indicate). There are several other titles in the ‘touch and explore’ series to enjoy as well, covering subjects from oceans to vehicles.

It’s so rare to find multi-sensory titles for children who are a little older (as opposed to being a baby or toddler) and this is an excellent, interactive title with lots to explore and engage.

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