The Legend of Spud Murphy

Publisher: Penguin

Will and Marty are horrified when their parents decide to find them something educational to do during the holidays, condemning them to three afternoons a week at the library.

How will they cope when they meet the librarian, the legendary Spud Murphy, for the first time? And will she use the gas-powered spud gun she keeps under her desk? When Marty steps off the small patch of carpet in the children's section for the first time, the consequences are entirely unexpected.

Eoin Colfer has a real gift for getting inside the minds of his young characters. This is a wonderfully colourful tale, told with pace and humour. The children's powerful imaginations and sense of adventure make their unexpectedly joyful discoveries far from conventional. Accompanied by Tony Ross's witty illustrations, this is an ideal book for a child just starting to read alone.

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