The Seal’s Fate

Publisher: Barrington Stoke

Bobby couldn’t wait to get on his oilskins and help his father’s fishing team during the summer holidays. Seals are destroying the nets and eating the fish that the men are trying to catch. His father says they’re vermin - no different to rats - and they must be killed. There’s even a bounty for any seal clubbed. But when Bobby comes across the perfect opportunity, he knows he can’t go through with it. What will his father say?

Eoin Colfer’s short story is part of Barrington Stoke’s Conkers range: a dyslexia-friendly layout, font and paperstock, for independent readers.

The illustrations match the traditional style of this short tale of family and fishermen, and the author’s note explains the origins of this story. Overall, it is a neat little package with a memorable story that might encourage readers to think of their own responses in this tricky situation.

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