The Frozen Sea

Publisher: Quercus Children's Books

Jewel and her hamster Fizz are in Folio, the land of imagination, on a quest to rescue her aunt Empress Evelyn, who has been kidnapped by the Green Prince. Jewel must be careful though, as the Vice Regent, Baby Bear, is using floating "oculae" to watch her.

Ancient giants help Jewel but the prince has a powerful weapon – stampstone is used for communication among inhabitants, but also to control them. 

Pandora, a friendly robot, guides Jewel on the 200-mile journey to the prince’s residence. Along the way, Jewel defeats ogres in Monster Marsh using her charm and outwits gods in the land of mythology – but her biggest challenge is to face the truth about her own identity and family. 

This utterly brilliant sequel to The Lost Magician is a mix of traditional and re-imagined fairy tales. It's a nail-biting adventure of twists and turns from award-winning author Piers Torday. Readers will flit between hiding under the covers during battle scenes to laughing hysterically at Fizz’s antics.

Curious minds will love the feature of classified government reports being interspersed throughout the book to help them piece the story together, although Folio’s mysteries eventually reveal themselves.

Torday’s introduction to the themes of knowledge and power will stay with readers long after the story ends.

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