Thicker Than Water

Publisher: Barrington Stoke

George dreams of settling in a seaside town and opening a record shop one day, but it's hard to stay anywhere for long when he has his cousin, Lennie, to look after.

Lennie is a gentle giant but has a habit of attracting trouble and doesn't know his own strength. George would get on better without him, but Lennie couldn't manage on his own.

For the moment, trying to stay under the radar and get some money saved means working for a dodgy pub landlord - but when trouble finds Lennie yet again, George has some hard decisions to make. 

If the story sounds familiar, that would be because it was inspired by the Steinbeck classic Of Mice and Men. Presented in a dyslexia-friendly format, this contemporary retelling captures much of the tension and pathos of the original but has been made accessible to a wider group of readers.

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