Trial by Fire

Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books

Lily Proctor just wants to live an ordinary teenage life - but her life-threatening allergies always seem to get in the way. But when she is unexpectedly lured into a strange parallel world in which magic rules over science, and which is overrun by horrifying creatures, everything changes. This new world is controlled by powerful witches called Crucibles - and the strongest, cruelest and most terrifying of them all is Lilian, Lily's other self.

This frightening alternate universe is full of danger, but Lily soon realises that what made her weak at home now makes her strong. Struggling to understand this confusing world and master her new powers, she turns to the prickly Rowan and his friends for help.

The first book in Josephine Angelini's Worldwalker trilogy puts an inventive new spin on the story of the Salem witches. Fans of the paranormal will be certain to enjoy this dark, spellbinding fantasy, which has an appealing heroine in Lily, as well as plenty of romance, peril and adventure.

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