The Betrayal

Book three in the At the House of the Magician series

Publisher: Bloomsbury

The third and final novel in Hooper's At the House of the Magician Elizabethan series, in which Lucy is in London, preparing for the imminent arrival of Dr John Dee, the court alchemist and his family.

Once again she becomes embroiled in court intrigues, and assists Tomas, the queen's fool and undercover spy, to uncover a plot by supporters of Mary Queen of Scots against Elizabeth. Lucy also becomes involved in the world of the theatre, the plays and the players.

Hooper has painstakingly researched her period, appending substantial notes, a glossary, recipes and a bibliography to support her narrative.

She cleverly combines a swiftly-moving adventure with language and descriptions which subtly immerse readers in the everyday life of the Elizabethan world.

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