Too Small Tola and the Three Fine Girls

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Publisher: Walker Books

Three delightful short stories starring Tola, star of the Too Small Tola series by Atinuke, but readers don't need to have read other books in the series to enjoy this one.

Tola is the youngest of three siblings who live in a tiny flat with their Grandmother in the Nigerian city of Lagos. Money is short and Grandmummy must work long hours selling groundnuts by the side of the road so the three children can go to school. These adorable stories see the plucky and resourceful Tola tricking her elder siblings into helping her with the chores, helping make ends meet when Grandmummy falls ill, and being admired by three posh girls who she'd found very impressive at the masquerade party.

Tola is a fabulous and sweet heroine who always thinks on her feet, and in each story she and her siblings act with such compassion and empathy that it's impossible not to love her. She proves time and again that though she might be small, she really is mighty, and a wonderful role model for children and adults alike. The black and white illustrations by Onyinye Iwu are beautifully expressive, bringing Tola, her family and the city of Lagos to life in exquisite detail.

A lovely collection of stories which opens a window to life in contemporary Nigeria, and shares themes that all readers can relate to - such as how to be grateful for what you have, being kind to others, and how to get on in a family when you are the very smallest!

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