Tarzan: The Jungle Warrior

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Publisher: Faber Children's Books

Reinvented for the 21st-century by Andy Briggs, Tarzan is an eco-warrior - savage and brutal in his dealings with illegal loggers and hunters who plunder his beloved jungle.

In this gripping sequel to Briggs' first Tarzan novel, an unscrupulous hunter is sent into the jungle to kidnap a rare gorilla just to sell him to a rich collector in the West. The gorilla is young Karnath, a member of Tarzan’s jungle family. Tarzan leads his friends Jane and Robbie in a wild adventure across Africa, following the trail of the hunters, to rescue his friend.

This is a exciting and fast-moving adventure, offering young readers plenty of thrills. Tarzan is a man of few words but much action and Jane is no wallflower, so this tale should appeal to both boys and girls.

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