Tim Hopgood’s Wonderful World of Colours

Publisher: Oxford

Vibrant pink roses, red strawberries, bluebells in the forest and a resplendent fold-out rainbow at the end of the book make this so much more than an average colours book.

As well as identifying individual colours, this book teaches children what happens when primary colours combine, and also thinks about how some colours in nature change over time: leaves which turn from green in the summer to brown in the autumn, and bananas which go from yellow to black as they ripen. Thus, as well as learning colours, children are also learning about concepts including the seasons and the weather.

Tim Hopgood’s books are always a visual treat and this one is no exception. Because of its sheer prettiness, this book would entertain an older baby, but, with its extra concept of things changing colour, children well into the toddler stage will learn a little something too. 

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