The Creeper Man

Publisher: Orion

Silla Daniels and her little sister Nori turn up at their aunt's house in the middle of nowhere one day. At first, life is better than traumatised Silla could have hoped for. But it soon transpires that Aunt Cath is as haunted as La Baume - the family mansion that sits alone in what seems to be a rapidly encroaching forest.

On the run from a mysterious horror that lurks around the edges of Silla's notes to herself, the sisters' lives develop into a nightmarish trap inside a sinking house and with a monster roaming outside. But what is playing games with Nori in the dark basement of the house, and is the boy trying to save Silla to be trusted?

Kurtagich has created an incredibly assured, claustrophobic horror with a fractured and troubled teen narrator that will have you gripped to the very last page.

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