Toad and I

Publisher: Jonathan Cape

Kitty's new ball bounces over the fence, and when she goes to retrieve it, she meets Toad. He invites her into his remarkable treehouse and is giving her a grand tour when an assortment of animals rush in with various tales of woe. Owl claims he has been hit by a meteorite, Shrew's house has been squashed by a monster, and Hedgehog has been bashed from behind by a hissing thing.

Toad and Kitty spring into action. They find a medical kit in the Dressing-Up Chamber and patch up their injured friends before setting off to investigate the puzzling incidents. Ever-resourceful Toad has plenty of ideas and inventions to solve the mystery, but it is brave Kitty who uncovers the truth behind the curious events.

Simple, amusing illustrations accompany this wacky adventure about having fun and making new friends.

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