The Eyebrows of Doom

Publisher: Little Tiger

Dave the bear is sweeping up in his cave one day, when two slugs covered in hair proclaim themselves as the Eyebrows of Doom and jump onto Dave’s face. Somehow, they seem to have a terrible power over Dave, and make him jump all over some nearby campers’ tents, as well as eating all their food.

Yet, Dave’s antics aren’t enough for the Eyebrows of Doom, and they jump onto Ron the seagull, making him poop all over some nearby holidaymakers – and persuade a sweet little girl to stuff her ice cream down the back of her grampa’s trousers. Enough is enough! Who will be able to defeat the Eyebrows of Doom? And will their efforts be enough?

Smallman’s riotous rhyming text is a brilliantly fun one to read aloud, with lots of action and plenty of hilarious character expressions portrayed by Ordonez. It’s an original idea, and fans of zany picture books such as Beach’s The Dragon with the Blazing Bottom and Peter Bently and John Bond’s Dogs in Disguise  will love it.

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