The Book of Blood and Shadow

Publisher: Atom

The quest to decrypt the powerful secret encoded within the Voynich Manuscript has gone on for centuries. Add a liberal scattering of ancient books, crypts, shadowy streets and dark-hearted assassins and you have a familiar novelistic recipe.

But this is also the story of two girls. Nora is translating the letters of Elizabeth Weston, the sixteenth century alchemist’s daughter whose secrets the manuscript conceals. Across four centuries, an intuitive connection between them grows. Following the clues to Prague, Nora begins to think she can crack the code, but sinister forces also seek the manuscript’s secrets, and Nora can trust no-one, even the boy she thinks she loves.

Nora’s distinctive voice – witty, vulnerable, ironic, and smart - drives this intriguing and fast-paced historical fantasy thriller.

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