The Accidental Prime Minister

(9 reviews with an average rating of 4 out of 5)

Publisher: Oxford University Press

When 12-year-old Joe hears that the Prime Minister will be coming to his school for a publicity event, he knows it's the one opportunity he might have to talk to someone with some real influence. There are plans to close his beloved park, which would mean his Mum would lose her job, as well as all the local children losing out on a place to play. But when Joe gets the chance to speak out, he can't control the outburst that pours out of him. He is full of ideas of how things could be better, and everyone else agrees. Before he knows it, Joe is thrust straight through the limelight and into a seat at Number 10. But delivering on all those promises isn't easy, and Joe is going to learn that being Prime Minister isn't all riding around in comfortable cars and signing autographs on vegetables.

A strong friendship runs through the core of this funny story that is perfect for fans of David Walliams. Political success puts a strain on Joe's friendship with best pal, Ajay and whilst his intentions at the start were pure, he loses sight of his original plight for the park and the safety of his mum's job. There is heart and warmth in between the dastardly villains (the other politicians, obviously) and slapstick jokes. McLaughlin's writing is perfectly pitched, with an ending that no one will see coming! Good, silly fun all round - just the way Joe would want it.

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