Traction Man Meets Turbo Dog

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Publisher: Red Fox

Sartorial action hero, Traction Man, returns. He and Scrubbing Brush dauntlessly scale the compost heap, cross the swampy pond then return, exhausted.

While he is sleeping, the now grimy Scrubbing Brush is harshly abducted (on hygiene grounds!) and replaced by a shiny new toy - Turbo Dog.

All-singing, all-shining, Turbo Dog is a disastrous adventurer's companion - Scrubbing Brush must be found. Traction Man finally unearths him in the rubbish bin, with no damage a bath won't cure (although it finishes off Turbo Dog!) and they live to adventure again.

Home and garden are hostile terrain in this tongue-in-cheek, action adventure. Playfully experimenting with an expanded comic-strip style, the illustrations brim with detail, irony and humour, whilst friendship, pluck - and imagination - win out.

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