Twilight Robbery

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Publisher: Macmillan Children's books

The irrepressible Mosca Mye returns! Having departed Mandelion under a cloud, she and Eponymour Clent are running out of places to go. They arrive in Toll to discover the town is not as it seems.

Kidnappers are plotting to abduct the Mayor's beautiful daughter, Beamabeth; hoping to gain the reward, Mosca and Eponymous plot to foil them. But by night, Toll becomes a different, darkly treacherous place; their old enemy, the sinister Guild of Locksmiths reappear, and Mosca has her suspicions about Beamabeth. Mosca and Eponymous must somehow extricate themselves from this complex web of intrigues...

The plot is deliciously baroque, the characters vivid and extravagantly unique, and the writing joyfully revels in exploring language: a funny, fast-moving and wildly imaginative 'weird fairy tale'.

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