The Barefoot Book of Children

Publisher: Barefoot Books

All around the world, children wake up, eat their breakfast, put on their clothes and go about their day. This book introduces us to their many homes, families, languages and friends. Meanwhile, in the process, young readers are encouraged to explore their own lives - reflecting on feelings, families and beliefs.

This is a book to engage all children, but also one that includes all children. So much more than just a cursory nod towards diversity, it successfully celebrates both the commonality and the differences with huge skill, acknowledging us all as equals.

Appearing casually in the images are children with birthmarks, eye patches, foreshortened limbs, wheelchairs and glasses. Stunning hand-painted double-page spreads positively explode out of the page, while exquisite vignettes and intricate details draw in the eye. 

Finally, several pages at the end offer further information about much of the material in the book.

The result is a beautifully comprehensive and thought-provoking picture of the many different ways in which people live around the world. A book to dip into time and time again; a treasure trove of discussion topics, but also an aesthetic delight.

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