This is Not a Bedtime Story

Publisher: Puffin

Sophie is bored hearing about fluffy Pink Kitten's perfect birthday picnic with her friends Lulu, Barney Hedgehog and Squeaker Mouse. So when dad starts to read it again, Sophie's imagination takes over...

In Sophie's version, Barney has been kidnapped by a robot dinosaur, so instead of a birthday teddy, Lulu gives Pink Kitten a lightsabre. Then Lulu, Squeaker and Pink Kitten roar off to rescue Barney in Pink Kitten's new car, which magically morphs into a rocket-launching helicopter. But the monster robot dinosaur swallows them all, even the helicopter. 

Clever Pink Kitten removes the dinosaur's batteries and saves the day. And Barney of course  At the end of the story, Pink Kitten is exhausted. As is dad!

Bedtime stories go bonkers in this inventive, subversive version of a traditionally restful night-time tale. Funny illustrations accompany the witty text, packed with humour and adventure, to amuse children and parents alike.

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