The Best Diwali Ever

Publisher: Scholastic

Ariana is super excited for Diwali – she’s looking forward to yummy sweets, playing with her cousins, and wearing a lovely outfit – and staying up late to watch fireworks, of course! However, Ariana’s annoying little brother Rafi keeps messing everything up: he hugs Ariana and gets paint all over her brand new outfit, and makes a mess in the kitchen when Ariana is cooking with grandmother.

Worst of all, when Rafi accidentally falls over and ruins Ariana’s rangoli (a beautiful pattern, made with rice, flowers and coloured powder), Ariana is beside herself. Yet, might Rafi’s accident actually have made the rangoli even better?

A gorgeous book about the customs of Diwali is coupled with a relatable story about an older and younger sibling – and how, sometimes, little ones can be annoying, but they can also make life wonderful and full of fun. Ariana’s story will be totally relatable for anyone with a younger brother or sister, and this is a perfect book to share at Diwali, too.

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