The Children of the King

(39 reviews with an average rating of 4 out of 5)

Publisher: Scholastic

It's World War II and London is becoming an increasingly dangerous place to live. The Lockwood children are whisked away to the Heron Hall, to stay with their Uncle Peregrine in the countryside. But when they discover two strange boys hiding in a nearby derelict castle, the past and present collide. Can those in the present learn from the troubles of the past?

Brilliantly written, this is an original and exciting story set in England and London during the Blitz. With a great cast of three children and two adults, the plot will hook you straightaway as these mesmerising characters draw you in to their world, their beliefs and their fears.

Weaving together two dramatic periods in English history, The Children of the King deals with themes of loss, grief, family, friendships, war and power. This book will get children diving into the history books to find out more about these enigmatic children of the King.

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