The Comet

Publisher: Flying Eye Books

Nyla and her dad have to move from the idyllic seaside to a city where Nyla can only see seven stars instead of the thousands she remembers from home. Nothing in the grey city feels like home, from Nyla’s new school to the fact that Dad has to work all the time and doesn’t have time for fun things like cooking feasts and playing on the beach.

Yet, one day, when Nyla sees a comet in the sky, she creates something new and beautiful that will change their new home into something much more magical.

Joe Todd-Stanton’s new picture book explores how a family can create a home filled with imagination and warmth, even in less than perfect circumstances. It’s a lovely one to read with mid-aged primary school children who might be worried about moving house themselves, and Todd-Stanton’s artwork is as gorgeous as ever, with large panels slightly reminiscent of a comics layout, and plenty of rich colours and details to spot.

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