The Carbon-Neutral Adventures of the Indefatigable Enviroteens

Publisher: Allen&Unwin

In the Pacific Ocean, somewhere between Hawaii and the USA, lies a humungous island of floating plastic that’s three times the size of France. And here an epic battle is underway...

Singleuse Plastic Brendan, a villainous plastic bag, is leading his army of evil microbeads against the Enviroteens: a mismatched band of environmentally aware superheroes.

But can an echidna-platypus, a penguin, a wombat-genius and a chicken really stand up to greenhouse-gas emitting big business and the indifference of global leaders? Perhaps they can with the help of Worried Norman who, after being bitten by a radioactive croissant, turned into Pastry Person, the most unlikely saviour of mankind.

This utterly bonkers graphic novel chases around the world charting the struggle to save the planet from the likes of Senator Ian, the Climate Denialist Potato. It also pauses every now and then to look at some real science about carbon emissions, global warming and climate change and the dangers they pose to animals, habitats and human lives.It also cleverly demonstrates how media companies, big business and politicians can portray any given event in a way that reinforces a particular point of view. An excellent, if exhausting, introduction to important contemporary issues.

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