The Man Who Wore All His Clothes

Publisher: Walker Books

Mr Gaskitt works as Father Christmas in a department store, his wife is a taxi driver and Horace, their cat, loves spending much of his time watching sad old movies on TV, lazing around, drinking tea and visiting friends.

This book takes us through a day in their crazy family life: a day in which Mrs Gaskitt happens to be driving past a bank when a robber, who has just held up the bank rushes out and gets straight into her taxi. Soon he is recognised by Mrs Gaskitt, and he has no choice but to seek refuge on the school bus where the Gaskitt's children, together with their school companions are travelling!

This is a hilarious family saga with ingenious invention by the author. The beautiful and innovative illustrations by Katherine McEwan are an intrinsic component of the story and worthy of artistic recognition. A recommended story to read alone.

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