The Boy Who Flew

Publisher: Nosy Crow

Athan’s mother doesn’t approve of his association with Mr Chen. She thinks the inventions and experiments the old man works on could be dangerous, perhaps even the work of the devil. What she’d really like is for Athan to become a footman or a carriage boy – someone she can be proud of. Athan can’t think of anything worse.

When Mr Chen is found brutally murdered, Athan’s priority is to honour his last wish by rescuing the secret plans that should enable the completion of the spectacular flying machine the two of them had been working on. But Athan needs help and he’s not sure who to trust.

Athan’s story is tense, exciting and marked by both tragedy and triumph. His dogged determination to do justice to the memory of his mentor is matched only by his desire to save his family from poverty and the influence of his evil grandmother.

With numerous twists and false trails, this is a compelling and imaginative historical thriller for middle grade readers.

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