There's a Lion in the Library!

Publisher: Orchard

Little Lucy Lupin looks like the sweetest, loveliest girl in the world, with her adorable dimples and charming freckles – but she’s not sweet or lovely at all. She loves to tell big fat lies.

In fact, she’s so good at lying that she manages to convince everybody that there’s a big, ferocious lion in the library. Little Lucy Lupin thinks this is jolly funny and she laughs all the way home – until, one day, a big, ferocious lion really does appear in the library! Little Lucy Lupin’s lies might just catch up with her…

This slightly dark and funny twist on the age-old cautionary tale of The Boy Who Cried Wolf is a fabulous way for children to learn about the dangers of lying - and how looks can be deceiving, as the angel-faced liar Lucy Lupin demonstrates - illustrated in beautiful bright graphic style by Aurélie Guillerey.

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