The Castle

Publisher: Chicken House

Peta's life is up in the air - she doesn't believe her father was killed while working in Afghanistan, but her mum's moved on and is about to get married again. Everyone around her encourages Peta to finally accept her father has died. But one day she receives a mysterious voicemail that tells her she's in danger and must hide. Peta's following investigation leads her on a whirlwind adventure in which she uncovers family secrets and discovers her own strength.

The Castle is a fast-paced adventure story that is sure to keep readers turning pages. It also touches upon issues of domestic slavery, politics and human rights. Peta continually fights for recognition amongst her father's former army buddies - recognition that her friend Luke easily gets - and seeing Peta thrive on adventure, think on her feet and outsmart the bad guys leads to a satisfying, fun and thrilling read.

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