The Knights of the Drop-Leaf Table

Publisher: Barrington Stoke

All is not well in Castle Llamalot. The Knights – Sir Prancelot, Sir Gary, Sir Tralahad (who won’t stop singing and writing terrible poetry) and the others, including Sir AnGela, a girl with an occasionally-drawn-on moustache, are cluttering up the castle corridors and generally getting in the way.

So when the wise Queen Gwinny suggests that they are given their own room to relax in, King Artie agrees it’s a great idea – only, he decides that they’re much more likely to want a more formal table and chair setup than a comfy sofa and a bar for dancing, which is difficult when you’re wearing armour.

To celebrate their new round drop-leaf table, the Knights decide to hold a party, and Sir Bore de Gannet, the French Knight with a hankering for yucky snails, volunteers to do the food. What could go wrong? Turns out, quite a lot...

A wonderfully warm and funny King Arthur-inspired story that’s both silly and super readable, The Knights of the Drop-Leaf Table is great fun. A perfect, Monty Python-esque introduction to Camelot for kids, which will have adults grinning away, too.

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