The Bookshop Cat

Publisher: Macmillan

A black cat (from a very important cat family) absolutely adores reading. Despite the kind intentions of his family who offer to involve him in their passions (cooking, mechanics, music), the black cat is happiest of all when he can take a book on the bus and explore stories in his mind.

One day, the black cat sees a HELP WANTED sign on the window of a lovely little children’s bookshop and becomes the Bookshop Cat, helping a little girl called Violet order books, spring clean and create lovely displays. However, when disaster strikes, the Bookshop Cat doesn’t know what to do… until his cat family step in to help.

Cindy Wume’s utterly delightful story about a cute little children’s bookshop and a book-loving cat is a perfect cosy read. As well as imagining what their own perfect bookshops might look like, families will also love the message about celebrating everyone’s interests, as different as they may be. Cat fans and keen readers will find themselves well catered to here.

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